Pilot Points

u-archaeoRoV will focus on the pilot application of the system in the underwater archaeological research carried out by the Institute of Marine Archaeological Research (I.EN.A.E.) in the Argosaronic Gulf and, more specifically, on the rocky islet of Modi (located southeast of Poros Island). On the northern coast of the islet, since 2009, a Mycenaean shipwreck of the Late Helladic III B-C period (13th/12th century BC) has been excavated. The merchant ship that wrecked in one of the most critical periods of Aegean prehistory, had a cargo that consists mainly of transport ceramic vessels. As part of the research, a wider zone around the perimeter of the wreck and along the coastline of the islet, where individual finds (mainly stone anchors) have been found, will be also tested with the u-archaeoRoV, to test the applications of the system (identification of location, photographic and video documentation, surface cleaning of finds-sediment removal).



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