The research project u-archaeoRoV aims to develop an innovative semi-automatic RoV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) with robotic arms, customized to assist in the underwater archaeological field research, within the context of either an excavation or a survey test case scenario.

Maximum operational depth of 120m and agility with three arm joints to approach difficult points in the survey area.

Pressure sensitivity when operating the haptic arm, which the RoV operator will be able to sense and adapt to the conditions.

Ability to lift objects weighing up to 10 Kg with a parallel option of choosing between tactile arm or suction cup.

Stereoscopic cameras capable of taking high-definition photos and videos to create a photomosaic and photogrammetric model for 3D visualization of findings.

Headlights and/or flash with adjustable intensity.

Ability to interact and communicate with the ROV operator.

It is an innovative system to be developed and tested in selected pilot sites in Greece and is customized to support marine scientific research in various fields, mainly to assist in the underwater archaeological field research. 

With a Maximum Operating Depth down to 120 meters, the u-archaeoRoV system significantly expands the use possibilities of an RoV in underwater archaeological research. In parallel, the use of robotic tactile arms enhances safety and accuracy during field research, thus reducing its high cost and long duration.

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